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Difference in Guillotine Used in BJJ & Luta Livre

admin Feb 2


It’s interesting to see how a same technique can be done in a different way depending on the Grappling styles. We’ve already established that there is not right or wrong way to do a Grappling technique, but how about when two grapling styles do a Guillotine?

Luta Livre master Marcelo Brigadeiro made a controversial statement a few years back about BJJ and the use of the guillotine technique:

He stated:

The guillotine, the heel hook, the arm triangle and many others are LL signature moves. BJJ fighters did not know how to use them until they started training with us.

Many Jiu-Jitsu fighters would disagree with him.

Luta Livre black belt and 6x ADCC vet Nicolas Renier who teaches in Paris, in his club called NRFight Club, shows us the difference in how his master, the LL legend Alexandre Pequeno does a guillotine and how the BJJ legend Marcelo Garcia does his Guillotine, the Marcelotine.


Check it out: