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Effective Ways To Balance Family Life, Work & Jiu-Jitsu

admin Apr 4

We know that time is limited during our lifetimes and there is only so much you can do during a day. You have to allocate time to your career, to your hobby or hobbies and to your family. In this article we will present a couple of ways to help you with balancing between family life and Jiu Jitsu.

Set goals

First of all you need to understand why you train and how often you need to train to reach your goals. Do you want to be a competitor? If yes then maybe you are justified to want to train more often, however you will need to dial down on other activities, perhaps even waking up earlier to catch up the morning class. Do you just do it for hobby? In that case, do you really need more than 3-4 sessions a week? Likely not. Find out what your objective is and realistically how often you have to train to achieve that.

Morning classes

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 An excellent way to help you balance your family life and Jiu Jitsu. If your job allows you, see if you can replace some of the evening sessions with morning sessions instead, thus keeping the evening for your family.

Time management

 A skill that grows in importance the more we advance in life. Try to eliminate any dead times or replace them with lower dead times. Are you going to a gym that’s one hour away from you? Does your club have another gym that’s closer to you? If not, can you use the time you spend travelling to the gym in other to do another activity for instance reading something that you would otherwise do at home? The key to this concept is finding all the time windows where you are not actively doing something and minimizing them or trying to turn that time window into a productive one.

Get your family to Jiu Jitsu!

Seems obvious but it’s one effective way to increase the time you spend with your family as well as to improve your relationship with them. Furthermore, they will be able to understand first hand why this is such an addictive activity and, hopefully, they will soon enough be on their journey as well.

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