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How To Get The Most Out Of Techniques Shown During Training

admin Feb 2

Sometimes when we go to train we just don’t pay enough attention to the technique of the day. Sometimes we do it because we are tired, we presume that we already know the technique or because we are just eager to roll. But we shouldn’t let ourselves to do this because that way we lose much more than we could gain. If you can recognize yourself in this few rows than it’s time for you to make some changes and get more out of your classes by employing the following:

Pay attention while instructor is showing the technique – you probably think that you’re doing this already but you can always be more focused and see more details.

Ask the questions – never be shy to ask questions when you don’t understand something or when you want to clear something out.

Be involved – you’re not there just to do what your instructor is showing, you are there to learn it and to contribute. Think about it and experiment with it, maybe you can bring some changes that can make the technique more superior than it used to be.

Find a way to incorporate it in your game – while you are practicing the technique also think how you can make it a part of your arsenal. This means that you should try to find a way how you can make it as an extension of technique that you already know and use. This way a new technique will have value for you and won’t be just another technique.

Try to do it as many times as you can during rolls – put yourself in positions in which you can use new technique and try to perfect it as much as you can while you have fresh knowledge of technique.

Know that if technique doesn’t work you’re doing something wrong – when you can’t apply the technique properly don’t think that technique isn’t efficient. First do everything you can to correct yourself and when you do it accordingly then you can doubt in technique if you find the reason why.

Do the technique as many times as you can – don’t waste your time while you are drilling the technique by talking with your partner or by showing him some new submission that you’ve seen on youtube. Push each other to repeat technique as much possible.

Cooperate with your partner – don’t make it hard for him without reason by resisting too much, but try to point out on mistakes that he is making and sometimes be resistant but just so he can better the technique.

Don’t just do the technique because you have to, do it with passion – be aware that you are doing something that you love and that learning of this new technique will make you better fighter.

All of these advices are just common sense, but far too often we neglect them because of our regressive needs in that moment. If you believe that technique conquers all and since you train BJJ you probably do, than there is no reason not to have full advantage of the technique that instructor is teaching you and feel proud of yourself when you execute it successfully same day.