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Kyle Dake Taps Out To Choke During Wrestling Match

admin Apr 4

Wrestling champion Kyle Dake had an unfortunate last week during the Gold medal match at the freestyle world cup, Azerbaijan’s Hasanov applied a front headlock that then transitioned into a choke. Dake actually tapped out from the pressure and the referee had to halt the match.

Dake eventually went on to win the match and the gold medal.

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This move is known as the ‘Dave Schultz front headlock’ and is used as a control and can also be a deep choke. The move is similar to a reverse head and arm choke and in BJJ/Grappling is known as a modified anaconda choke.

In the UFC, Matt Hughes choked out BJJ black belt Ricardo Almeida at UFC 117 with the same move.

Check it out here:

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